Rural India Impact Fund

We are the Promoter of the Rural India Impact Fund.

The Rural India Impact fund offers investors to co-invest in Pioneering Venture’s portfolio of growth companies at the same terms as the Promoter.

Strategic objectives of Fund

  • Create a duly regulated, fully compliant and efficient investment vehicle suitable for investments to India
  • Provide a diversified exposure to the Promoter’s high growth businesses
  • Offer a co-investment opportunity at the same terms as the as the ones offered to the Promoter and other parties
  • Sustainable and verifiable social impact of all Fund investments

Benefits to Fund Investors

  • Regulated and proven access to private companies in India
  • Financial statements twice a year
  • Exposure to a diversified portfolio
  • Independent Board of Directors and Advisory Committee
  • Annual reporting of social impact and ESG factors


  • Regulated in Mauritius
  • Closed-end fund
  • End date is June 2026, 2-year extension possible
  • 5 year minimum holding period

Investment universe

Exclusively invests in Pioneering Venture’s portfolio of growth companies

Investment selection

  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board
  • Selection of investments on a case-by-case basis


  • 3rd party valuation by KPMG
  • Investment terms are the same as for the promoters and other parties
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