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Pioneering Ventures – Strategic Acquisitions, Consolidation – VCCircle

  Dec 18, 2017

We will look at strategic acquisitions, consolidation: Pioneering Ventures’ Erat

Pioneering Ventures is on its way to launch an investment fund focussed on backing Indian companies in the agriculture and food supply chain space. Dr. Pablo Erat, explains why it is now looking to launch a formal fund structure, and how the strategy of backing its portfolio companies through several business cycles will help its investments grow five-fold within the next five years.

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FarmLink – Contract Farming Getting a Better Deal for Indian Farmers

  May 31, 2019

India continues to be a largely agro-based economy with agriculture the mainstay in providing the sustainable livelihood for a large section of India’s rural population. Though advanced farming techniques have…

MilkLane, a dairy start-up launches ‘Toxin and Antibiotic Safe’ milk

  May 23, 2019

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