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FarmLink – Partnering with Indian Startups – India Briefing

  Jan 04, 2018

Partnering with Indian Startups – New Opportunities for Foreign Investors

India is the world’s third largest startup hub; a reported 1,000 new companies were incorporated in 2017. Since 2015, India’s startup ecosystem has steadily matured. Indian startups are diversifying their focus across a myriad of economic segments and have embraced technological innovation to meet the country’s unique challenges. At the same time, local companies are yet to disrupt the Indian economy – to the extent that some of their foreign counterparts have

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FarmLink – Contract Farming Getting a Better Deal for Indian Farmers

  May 31, 2019

India continues to be a largely agro-based economy with agriculture the mainstay in providing the sustainable livelihood for a large section of India’s rural population. Though advanced farming techniques have…

MilkLane, a dairy start-up launches ‘Toxin and Antibiotic Safe’ milk

  May 23, 2019

MilkLane, a Bengaluru based dairy start-up, launches its first milk product for the retail consumers in the city. The company, which adheres to international quality standards, is promoting and differentiating…