Industry News

Farmer subsidies to be doubled within 5Y (NYC)

  Oct 10, 2018

As a part of the expansion strategy, FarmLink opens its second full-scale collection center in Manjarwadi with the capacity to process 50 tons of fresh vegetables and fruits and ozone pre-washing.

This Incubator Creates Its Own Ventures And Incubates Them

  Oct 22, 2019

Pioneering Ventures follows a hybrid model between a venture capital and entrepreneur firm where it creates its own ventures and incubates them While most of venture capitalists (VCs) aim to…

Farm-focussed Pioneering Ventures opens Rural India Impact Fund to push growth

  Jun 10, 2019

Agri-focused accelerator and investor Pioneering Ventures has launched its Rural India Impact Fund, a private equity fund with a targeted corpus of $70 million, to provide growth capital exclusively to…