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Andhra Pradesh bananas for exports head to JNPT by train

  Jan 31, 2020

Desai Fruits Venture (DFV), a Gujarat-based exporter of bananas, today dispatched the first train shipment of bananas from Tadipatri in Andhra Pradesh to Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai. As many as 43 refrigerated containers laden with 890 tonnes of high-quality bananas were despatched for export to international markets.

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FarmTrace will now track a banana’s journey from the farm to the consumer’s basket

  Sep 15, 2020

Happy Banana brand deploys QR code to give details of the farm’s location and ripening chamber The retailing of the humble banana is set to go hi-tech in some parts…

Kisan Rail chugs off from Anantapur

  Sep 09, 2020

The first-ever Kisan Rail of South India chugged out of Anantapur railway station on Wednesday, carrying 322 tonnes of fruits and vegetables to Adarsh Nagar in Delhi after it was…