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A new kind of white revolution in the milk industry

  Nov 18, 2020

Brand Equity looks at the new consumer trends and brands stirring up the Indian milk industry…

The legacy of milk consumption in India is unique. It’s the birthplace of the humble haldi doodh, which westerners in recent years have branded as ‘turmeric latte’ or ‘golden milk’. Indians use milk in everything from malted drinks and mithais to all sorts of beauty regimens and religious and cultural rituals. Here, a glass full of milk goes a long way, from sehat to suhaag raat.

Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer at MilkLane says, “In urban India, an increasing number of parents are acknowledging the issues of hidden hunger and malnutrition, even in affluent families. They are looking for healthy and safe dairy products that are available conveniently and complete daily nutritional requirements while being palatable and fun for kids.”

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Yashasvini Kumar appointed as Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

  Dec 07, 2020

Pioneering Ventures announced the appointment of Yashasvini Kumar as Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer today. She will be based out of both Mumbai and Switzerland and will continue…

Why A Platform Approach Is Critical To Drive Scale Of Innovations In Agricultural Supply Chain?

  Dec 05, 2020

The Covid times has been challenging for most sectors of Indian economy. However, one sector which demonstrated extraordinary resilience has been agriculture and allied activities. We had a record Rabi…