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We relentlessly focus on pioneering world-class farm and food ventures that cater to significant consumer needs and solve unaddressed gaps in the agri- and food-supply chains.

Our ventures prominently have their presence in central, western and southern part of India. We are constantly looking to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies to other regions.

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Rural India Impact Fund

We are the Promoter of the Rural India Impact Fund

  • Specifications: Regulated in Mauritius; closed-ended fund; minimum holding period of 5 years
  • Investment focus: Exclusive investment into PV’s venture portfolio
  • Investment selection: Independent directors selects investments on a case-by-case basis
  • Investment terms: Same terms as the Promoter

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Citrus International

The first and only industrial-scale Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice producer in India.

Initial Market Opportunity

Frozen concentrated orange juice (“FCOJ”), a form of packaged orange juice, is imported with high import duties.

The Indian packaged-orange-juice market has been growing 20-40% annually.

Indian consumers would prefer locally produced orange juice over imported products.

There is no industrial-scale facility in India, despite it being the fourth-largest cultivator of oranges in the world.

Project Description

The largest co-investors are Proterra, PepsiCo, and HDFC.

The project involved the construction of India’s first industrial-scale FCOJ factory, with an initial annual maximum capacity to process 270,000 tons of citrus fruit. Pilot processing and market testing was started end of 2015 and the commercial roll-out was initiated in the beginning of 2017.

The market is expected to continue growing 20-40% annually, driven by consumer conversion from fresh to packaged-juice consumption and the substitution of Brazilian taste for local-taste products.

Being the only FCOJ producer in the market, the company is optimally positioned to capture the market and, in the long run, establish itself as the leading provider of various citrus concentrates in India and surrounding growth markets.

On the social front, the project will directly impact the lives of thousands of Indian citrus farmers by helping them boost their income through extension services, increased yields, transparent payment systems, and the sale of excess fruit that otherwise would be wasted.

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The first industrial-scale milk collection platform for high quality milk.

Initial Market Opportunity

This venture aims to address India's informal, fragmented, and insufficiently managed milk-supply chain.

India is the world’s largest dairy market with a significant shortage of high-quality milk, a market in need of an organized sector to produce value-added products based on international standards.

Current local dairy players are unable to invest in the collection, monitoring, and standardization of milk at the collection stage.

Project Description

Industrial sourcing and supply platform for quality milk

MilkLane aims to become a leading private-sector dairy company in India by applying Swiss-quality methods to transform the “first mile” of milk to facilitate the supply of high-quality milk to industrial clients.

The company, currently in its pilot phase, has secured an initial off-take production agreement of 400,000 liters of milk per day and is building up a network of “one-stop-shop” milk-collection platforms (called “milk bulk coolers”) supported by processing and logistics infrastructure.

On the social front, the project directly impacts the lives of thousands of Indian dairy farmers by helping them improve their income through increases in yields, extension services, and transparent payment systems.

MilkLane is optimally positioned to become the largest vertically integrated, private-sector dairy company in India by creating capacity for over 1.5 million liters of high-quality milk per day.

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Desai Fruits & Vegetables

One of India’s major branded banana distributors, serving domestic and export markets.

Initial Market Opportunity

India lacks a modern supply chain for bananas.

India is by far the world's largest producer and consumer of bananas, but existing production and post-harvest practices have led to poor-quality bananas.

Problems include:

High waste and loss due to a poorly managed supply chain.

High cost and low efficiency due to lack of aggregation from fragmented and small-scale farmers.

Project Description

Consistent, predictable banana quality and volumes through end-to-end control of the supply chain.

Production and procurement: India’s only corporate farming of bananas to date, enabling sustainable growth, high margins, and consistency in product quality.

Post-harvest management and processing: International standards and full traceability from farm to retail.

Distribution and marketing: Providing the best-quality bananas for export and domestic organized retail, securing large off-take channels, ensuring forward integration through ripening centers, and building brand value.

Social responsibility: Setting a benchmark for socially responsible farmer interactions, working with approximately 1,000 farming families. A public-private partnership with GIZ Germany will educate and train farmers.

The company is well-positioned to capture an untapped market for premium branded bananas in India. The estimated potential market size is $2 billion in 10 years.

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